“Chemo Brain”….another of my life experiences

“Chemo Brain” is when one has difficulty processing information, focusing one’s attention and when in the middle of a sentence just cannot find the word to complete the sentence.  Of late, this has been my experience.  I am a Breast Cancer patient and have been experiencing these symptoms since September of 2011.  I have shared my experiences with family, friends and co-workers who are all empathetic, but my moments of frustration are not reduced even when I share.  It’s a situation I have to work through, let pass, or simply keep at whatever I am doing until the feelings of the dysfunction subside. 

Back and forth I went in my mind about what I’d write about this week.  My “chemo brain” symptoms seem to be larger than life this weekend (I have treatment every Friday).  I thought, hey this is a reality for more women today than ever, why not share some of  my experiences as I go through this period.  

Anyway, I’m not looking for sympathy, just the opportunity to share my experience, strength and hope with others that may have a similar experience.  When I was first diagnosed, I didn’t have the slightest idea what to do with myself.  I’d thought about starting a blog page, didn’t know where to begin and wasn’t that savvy with technology, especially Social Media tools.  There I was just thinking about it, and before you know it the opportunity to “blog” has presented itself and now I’m starting to write about what some of my experience has been as a breast cancer patient and survivor.

In the beginning, I was pissed.  I didn’t have time for this.  I knew of several women who’d been diagnosed and this just seemed to be some kind of epidemic I thought.  Mostly, I thought, why me?  What have I done to warrant this? How am I going to get through this? 

Here I am, 7 months since I was diagnosed and 8 months away from my treatment conclusion.  I’m looking good and feeling good most of the time.  The side effects vary, but the “chemo brain” is the most challenging.  Check out the FIRST 3 minutes of this video provided by YouTube and you’ll get a better sense of what I am experiencing.  Thanks for listening, I’ll see you next week.


3 comments on ““Chemo Brain”….another of my life experiences

  1. Thanks for sharing this personal information – it’s never easy and it does take guts to do so – I appreciate your honesty here Tanya, I had no idea “chemo brain” even existed – now I know – thanks for the education….

    Looks like you have the blogging thing figured out – good use of teh video!

  2. What a wonderful and amazing leap of faith. Thank you for trusting all of us to be part of your journey and perhaps, talking to even more people about your experiences. Sharing this struggle makes many others not feel alone – and will do the same for you.

    This is one of the most significant things about social media. We talk a lot about all of the down sides – lack of privacy, easy to impact on people’s lives with a single sound bite, etc. But this is a wonderful example of the positive side.

    Here are some other examples you might find some inspiration from. Don’t stop making it your story, it just helps sometimes to hear from others. GREAT job.


    • Dr. P. Thanks again for sharing the links for more on other bc survivors. I’m reading Brenda’s blog and her information is priceless.

      I should be turning in both of my blogs by the evening. Have had some challenges with adding links to my email is dead post, but as I am typing this I had a new thought about how to get the links in. Will try again!

      Have a great evening!


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