Is Email Dead?…NO!

Young people are using less and less email according to Dr. Danah Boyd, UC Berkeley Professor. This prediction was made at a 2004 conference resulting from her studies on the impact of social media on youth.  A couple of articles reviewed addressed the decline in use by youth, but most articles reviewed gave solid reasons why this type of social media would remain.

  • For example there were five reasons listed by Shel Israel.
  • The archiving is better and more searchable,
  • Managing and downloading attachments remain superior to Facebook,
  • It’s easier to review long threads that take place over lengthy periods of time, and
  • It’s often easier to find a specific conversation in email
    With GMail, it is easier to manage and delete spam than it is in Facebook.

There is evidence that email use by the youth is decreasing because of the convenience and efficiency of text messaging, particularly with friends says Amanda Lenhart, senior research specialist with the Pew Internet Project.  Lenhart further states the youth between the ages of 12 and 17 communicate informally and therefore using less email and messaging through more social media and texting has supplanted email among friends within this group. Though email has decreased within this population to say it is dead is a resounding NO for those in the workplace and given those five examples by Israel.

The issue of etiquette and youth is not a huge concern because the youth are communicating with their friends. But with email the adult population has more of a need to recall previous emails with information and various conversations. In my opinion these groups are distinct in their use, the youth finds email inconvenient and adults use it as a way to communication more formally.

Shama Kabani, CEO of The Marketing Zen Group, states that email gives room for marketing and since people like choices, this option of communication will be around for a long time. There is a caveat though and that is to use both because “the people like choices.”


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2 comments on “Is Email Dead?…NO!

  1. Tanya,

    This is great – you are the only one who talked in detail about the changes between young people and working people. The interesting part of that will be to see what happens as the technology moves forward. And there is an interesting question about personal communication versus professional communication.

    Email gives us more control – for sure. And now with the introduction of smart phones and tables we have the ability to control and combine many different ways of communicating. As opposed to chosing one over the other, we need to ask ourselves who we are trying to reach and what method of communication would be the most effective.

    PS: remind me tomorrow in class and we will talk about links.

  2. Love reading your very interesting blog.

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