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I’d seen them, read them and even commented.   I’d never thought to create and write one.  What a life?  There’s always something to learn, be inspired about and then DO IT!

In my opinion Blogging is the latest form of communicating ideas and opinions and getting feedback from those ideas and opinions.  Nonprofit organizations, for profit organizations and individuals are using this tool to communicate their thoughts and concerns and market their businesses.   Sharing information, getting feedback, asking for donations and networking for business opportunities are outcomes of this new phenomenon. 

Nonprofit organizations can possibly best use of this media tool to present a clear message to their target audience:  donors and funders.

Heather Mansfield’s book, Social Media for Social Good:  A How to Guide for Nonprofits has provided a great tool for those of us in Social Work arena.  In my recent and very new experience to blogging I realized that I must be confident  (p. 143) about writing my thoughts and opinions for all the public to see.  This was intimidating to start because I am not the most confident person when it comes to sharing my opinions.  That being said, I have been forced to share my opinions and thoughts realizing that this practice will enable me to gain more confidence in sharing what I think and feel. 

Beginning this blog was not what I expected.  The steps needed to create one were foreign.  I knew nothing about the resources or tools used to begin a blog.  Therefore my learning has been enhanced.  This is why being in school is so beneficial.  For me, it is being exposed to people, products and situations that can make me more well-rounded and marketable in my life.

I have been surprised about how user-friendly some of the steps can be.  But, I also realized that I am not that proficient in finding my way around in this technology, so I have to rely on the younger students to help me.  I am grateful they appear to not mind sharing or showing me what to do. 

There are many benefits for the nonprofit to gain from blogging.  To name a few, nonprofits blogging could “transform their online brand recognition to increase it e-newsletter lists, online donations, social networking communities, and according to Mansfield can often be the missing piece in their online communications and development strategies — they just don’t know it (yet)” (Mansfield, 2011, p. 156).   They can lay to rest that they need to blog daily and blog once or twice per week.  Blogging will allow a consistent stream of fresh content to tweet, share on Facebook and use in their newsletter.  Information sharing with supporters in their social networking communities will in turn create a sharing of  information with other social networking communities (Mansfield, p. 157).  And blogging improves search engine results, builds e-newsletter and group text messaging lists, grows the number of fans and followers and provides access to valuable statistics and data. 

Chris Brogan, Change.org and Kivi Miller’s Nonprofit Communications Blog at Nonprofit Marketing Guide.com have been the blogs I have read; though I have not yet synthesized the information from these sites into my own blogs. Using these sites and others will aid our experience in the what and how of design which in turn aid in our having a successful class project campaign. 

The most helpful blog for me thus far has been Chris Brogan. His work  is geared toward the business of blogging and that’s the other side of working as a Social Media manager, we must be about the business.  How to raise funds and by sustaining and growing our donor base.  The information he provides in his column will be very useful in our campaign.


One comment on “Blogging?

  1. Good job – good learning. You are doing great. Keep it up.

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