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Two weeks after I started chemo my hair started to pull away from my scalp as though it was taped to my head.  They didn’t include telling me that my eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, legs, underarm and pubic hair would go as well.  Though I’d been told to expect hair loss because of the type of chemo I was taking, I was still not ready for the loss.   I’d worn my hair cut close to my head in prior years so it wasn’t too shocking to now be completely bald.  I understand that the new growth will be a different texture, fine, soft and curly, not coarse and thick like my original texture.    But, OK, who cares about hair?  I can wear different wigs, short or long, straight or curly, what’s important is that the cancerous mass has been removed and the indicators that show whether the cancer continues to spread show no signs of spreading.  This is what’s important right?  Right!!! 

It’s not about how I look, it’s about whether I can live.  Living a long, healthy life is what I desire.  I have so many more things to do and share. 

I am grateful for being brought up in a faith-filled environment.  My Mom is a colon cancer survivor of 15 years so I have her footsteps to stand in and her faith to help me stay encouraged during this time.  There’s also many other women from whom I’ve received encouragement.  Through Brenda Coffee’s Website and blog (love it), the Breast Cancer website and personal contact with breast cancer survivors I have become strengthened.  I still have to work through this season in my life myself because this is a process and not an event. 

There’s plenty of information and support for those of us going through this experience.  I plan to grow through this with as much grace as I can.  But I can tell that the grace will be tethered to my sharing some of my experiences, strengths and hopes.  This will be my process.


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  1. Both this post and the previous post are excellent examples of sharing a personal story. As you probably know from experience, the sharing has benefits for you as well as for others who follow your path. These stores are a statement to the power of connection. Great posts.

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