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Storytelling and the Nonprofit Organization

Storytelling in Social Media is the wave of the future for nonprofits to share their missions, raise funds and create and sustain engagement.  Providing that human voice through the use of stories gives an emotional appeal to those current and would be donors and supporters.  Whether the story is told using a blog, podcast, photos or video, the goal is to connect with those whom you want to reach.

Nonprofits who share their success stories would benefit greatly from having their constituents help them spread the organization’s successes with others.  This is important since most likely someone else is talking about the same issue.  The broader the reach of your organization’s mission and goals the greater the potential for success.

It is important to remember that the art of telling your story will be the key to starting and sustaining the conversation. Whether it’s about raising funds, signing a petition, bringing a call to action, the story must have an emotional attachment.  Stories are what people remember.  And connecting via blogging, photos, video and podcasts are ways in which Social Media can aid the nonprofit in connecting. 

Wearemedia.org shares storytelling techniques that should help in this endeavor.  Share the story at the reader’s interest level.  Listen before developing the story.  Read works of great short story authors and modify to fit your cause or mission.  The use of the human voice and language makes the connection.

Telling stories that answer the what, how and why show people how they benefit.  Your organizations’ brand and reputation comes from the  stories shared by your organization.  The stories can communicate the past, future, facts, and figures that would address needs of two or more audiences:  those you need to show empathy to and those who need to know the facts and figures (Wearemedia.org, 2012).  The goal is to connect with all!

Now go ahead and tell your story!


One comment on “Storytelling and the Nonprofit Organization

  1. Anyone who speaks, writes or uses social media has the primary goal of being remembered. And as you note, the way that happens is when the story makes a connection. Good post.

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