Storytelling and the Nonprofit Organization

Storytelling in Social Media is the wave of the future for nonprofits to share their missions, raise funds and create and sustain engagement.  Providing that human voice through the use of stories gives an emotional appeal to those current and would be donors and supporters.  Whether the story is told using a blog, podcast, photos or video, […]


Two weeks after I started chemo my hair started to pull away from my scalp as though it was taped to my head.  They didn’t include telling me that my eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, legs, underarm and pubic hair would go as well.  Though I’d been told to expect hair loss because of the type of chemo […]

To be continued…….

It’s been 7 months since I was told that I had metastatic breast cancer.  Stage 2A to be exact about the type.  I am still somewhat in what I call “a catatonic state of being.”  Sometimes I feel like I’m just going through the motions, no emotions, no concrete thoughts, no sadness even.  I can only remember crying […]


I’d seen them, read them and even commented.   I’d never thought to create and write one.  What a life?  There’s always something to learn, be inspired about and then DO IT! In my opinion Blogging is the latest form of communicating ideas and opinions and getting feedback from those ideas and opinions.  Nonprofit organizations, for profit […]

Is Email Dead?…NO!

Young people are using less and less email according to Dr. Danah Boyd, UC Berkeley Professor. This prediction was made at a 2004 conference resulting from her studies on the impact of social media on youth.  A couple of articles reviewed addressed the decline in use by youth, but most articles reviewed gave solid reasons why […]

Another Opportunity

Hello folks, Last week I ventured out and wrote about my experience with “Chemo Brain.”  Thanks to Erik and Dr. P for their support and feedback.  I thought I’d make another attempt to share a bit more of my experiences during this precious period in my life.  I stated I was pissed about receiving the news about the […]

“Chemo Brain”….another of my life experiences

“Chemo Brain” is when one has difficulty processing information, focusing one’s attention and when in the middle of a sentence just cannot find the word to complete the sentence.  Of late, this has been my experience.  I am a Breast Cancer patient and have been experiencing these symptoms since September of 2011.  I have shared […]