Storytelling and the Nonprofit Organization

Storytelling in Social Media is the wave of the future for nonprofits to share their missions, raise funds and create and sustain engagement.  Providing that human voice through the use of stories gives an emotional appeal to those current and would be donors and supporters.  Whether the story is told using a blog, podcast, photos or video, […]


I’d seen them, read them and even commented.   I’d never thought to create and write one.  What a life?  There’s always something to learn, be inspired about and then DO IT! In my opinion Blogging is the latest form of communicating ideas and opinions and getting feedback from those ideas and opinions.  Nonprofit organizations, for profit […]

Is Email Dead?…NO!

Young people are using less and less email according to Dr. Danah Boyd, UC Berkeley Professor. This prediction was made at a 2004 conference resulting from her studies on the impact of social media on youth.  A couple of articles reviewed addressed the decline in use by youth, but most articles reviewed gave solid reasons why […]