I’d seen them, read them and even commented.   I’d never thought to create and write one.  What a life?  There’s always something to learn, be inspired about and then DO IT! In my opinion Blogging is the latest form of communicating ideas and opinions and getting feedback from those ideas and opinions.  Nonprofit organizations, for profit […]

“Chemo Brain”….another of my life experiences

“Chemo Brain” is when one has difficulty processing information, focusing one’s attention and when in the middle of a sentence just cannot find the word to complete the sentence.  Of late, this has been my experience.  I am a Breast Cancer patient and have been experiencing these symptoms since September of 2011.  I have shared […]

Is Privacy Possible?

There is a generational divide.  Millennials, Gen Xers, and the middle-aged.  I remember being exposed to computers back in the middle 1980’s.    Certainly they were available for those taking computer classes, but not for the general population of would be users.  I am still in awe at the enormity of  technology and its impact on our lives and how […]

Teaching Tennis to People with Disabilities

My junior and senior high school PE instructor exposed us to tennis because it was part of the curriculumn design for physical education.  So, I am not a tennis player, never have been and  never had a strong desire to learn.  But, recently the opportunity to learn about the teaching tennis to youth and adults with intellectual […]

Personal and Professional Use of Social Media

The use of Social Media is a phenomenon in this era of technology.  Blending both personal and professional social media can be done but it must be balanced.  In the world of social media sites there is the need for users to be mindful of their audience and their objective. It amazes me to learn […]

Hello world!

I am a neophyte to the world of blogging.  It also appears that half of my social media cohorts are new to blogging as well.  Here, another learning experience to embrace so let us learn and have fun together.