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Is Privacy Possible?

There is a generational divide.  Millennials, Gen Xers, and the middle-aged.  I remember being exposed to computers back in the middle 1980’s.    Certainly they were available for those taking computer classes, but not for the general population of would be users.  I am still in awe at the enormity of  technology and its impact on our lives and how ANYTHING we put on the computer or the world-wide web will never be private.

The benefits of  this technology is evidenced by the overwhelming use of it.  Users of today do not put a lot of emphasis on the negatives, they are simply learning to work around them.  Privacy is a concern, but when  you’re in the business of making connections and a profit, there are controls companies have put in place to benefit their goals.  This we learned from the 350 million disappointed Facebook users when the privacy they signed up for no longer existed. 

Taking responsibility for our behavior and the choices we make about the information we share has to be considered today.   Social Media users  intermingle their personal selves with their business personas.  This can beneficial if done with finesse and a realization that ANYTHING placed on the world-wide web is no longer private. 

Consequences both positive and negative should be taken into consideration when working as a Social Media manager for the non-profit organizations.  The goal is to build relationships, raise funds and inspire others to become part of the cause.  Therefore, the Social Media manager must be willing to make some concessions and put their personal/professional personas on the line for the sake of the organization. 

Success in the use of Social Media is evident.  Privacy is not so much a concern with the Gen Xers and Millennials and the middle-aged are slowly bringing up the rear.  The issue of privacy will evolve as the Gen Xers and Millennials push the envelope of exposing their lives and the middle-aged will begin to enjoy the benefits of their blending both their personal and professional personas.  Again, if you are on the world-wide web in any fashion, your information is not private and I don’t think that it will ever be.

Mansfield, H. (2012).   Social Media for Social Good:  A How-To Guide for Nonprofits.  pp. 66,  The McGraw-Hill Companies.

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Teaching Tennis to People with Disabilities

My junior and senior high school PE instructor exposed us to tennis because it was part of the curriculumn design for physical education.  So, I am not a tennis player, never have been and  never had a strong desire to learn.  But, recently the opportunity to learn about the teaching tennis to youth and adults with intellectual disabilities was offered.  No experience needed, just your desire to help someone.   After sitting  in on a meeting with a few of the founding members and committed volunteers I was moved to the brink of completing that volunteer application form and signing up for the coaches training camp next month.

Since Georgia is a huge supporter of the game of tennis, this Special Populations Tennis Program is supported with a great deal of enthusiasm from local volunteers including schools, parks, and communities.  This program is a non-profit 501 (c)3 grassroots volunteer organization with a mission to teach tennis to youth and adults with intellectual disabilities on a year-round basis.  This a program that is operated by a 98% volunteer pool and has a retention rate of 90% of  both volunteers and athlete participants.  Youngest being about 5 years of age and oldest around 67 years of age.

The benefits of the program provide the participants with life skill values such as ethics, respect and sportmanship behavior.  You can imagine as a SW my excitement about serving others was fueled by what this group was offering to some of our disenfranchised.  Other benefits of the program were the increase in physical fitness, development of more self-discipline, improvement in cognitive and developmental skills and increase in self-expression and social interaction (Special Populations Tennis Program, Inc. , 2005).

To continue the work of the organization volunteers and sites are needed.  You can help by contacting sharing this information with those persons you may know that would like to volunteer and become a site for this work to be offered.  Reach out and touch someone, you only have to have the willingness.


Personal and Professional Use of Social Media

The use of Social Media is a phenomenon in this era of technology.  Blending both personal and professional social media can be done but it must be balanced.  In the world of social media sites there is the need for users to be mindful of their audience and their objective.

It amazes me to learn of the postings which appear on some Facebook pages, personal vendettas expressed in detail which have created criminalistic situations for those parties involved.  In most cases perhaps these are simply responsible adults making unwise choices.  The concern for the non-profit organization would be to consider the balance exhibited by the employee or potential employee when using this social media.

Certainly, the user must exercise the intelligence to ensure that what’s posted on the personal social media website is tailored to blend with professional websites and visitors.  The benefit of using both are that people can get a glimpse of you on a personal level and this may be the spark that is needed to pursue a business idea or opportunity.

Conversations are what I find that take place on these websites and through conversation we can determine if we want to pursue relationships whether business or personal.  Sharing some personal information on a Linkedin account can be beneficial and sharing business information on a personal, yet now very public Facebook page can broaden one’s pool of contacts.  Users must consider the value and context of their posts on both sites before the benefits of this balance can be realized.

It is very likely in this age of technology and social websites are going to continue this growth trend so the message is to find balance, consider value and ensure the context is thought through when the use of social media is activated.  Both the personal and professional can be merged successfully.

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Hello world!

I am a neophyte to the world of blogging.  It also appears that half of my social media cohorts are new to blogging as well.  Here, another learning experience to embrace so let us learn and have fun together.